Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weekend Re.cap

Hey guys!

Things have been so crazy. I'm going to try my best to re.cap everything! Here we go..

On Thursday, Caro, T.J., JSylv, and I went to Hemmingways. 
It was really fun! Not to mention, partying with friends from Louisiana is exactly what the doctor had ordered! I can't wait until she moves to Cali next month!**

Friday night, Kat came in town and we made our way to 
Hype Popstarz Special Event - NICKI MINAJ LIVE!

Not only did Britney & the Kardashian's make a guest appearance (YAY), so did John! It was great running into him! But my favorite guest of all, B-RAD. Honestly, one of the sweetest people I have ever met. I DIE... no but literally, I think I did. **

We opted for Venice on Saturday! I can't get over how pretty it is here! On the way, we stopped at a red light, and at first I thought I was seeing things. From what I hear, he flashes this at all of his pretty ladies! Haha.. this message is hidden until he unfolds his sign. 
All I can say about the day is.. Cabo Cantina, walking down Venice, boardwalk, and Tyler's AMAZING t-shirt! Tyler & Tyler have the same sunglasses!
This Saturday was so much fun.. I just wish Alexis wasn't sick! We missed her tons!

Fam, I promise I will learn how to blog efficiently! Can't wait to see ya'll soon! 

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